Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Slice of Life: Day 25--"The Annual 'I Am' Poem"

This month I am participating in the Slice of Life challenge sponsored by the Two Writing Teachers website and blog. Join me!

**I used to do this every year with my 6th graders. Their honesty and vulnerability at that age always touched me. This will be my eighth "I Am" poem and every year it is different.**

I am a dreamer and a realist.
I wonder why this pandemic is happening. I'm filled with questions.
I see the sun shine, warming my skin and my soul.
I hear the chirping of birds, returning to town, and want to hug them.
I want to pay off all my debt and be done with it. It wearies me.
I am a dreamer and a realist.

I pretend that I don't have a comment about everything, when in fact, my opinions are many.
I feel tired sometimes of keeping the facade up. Where is the safe space to be real?
I touch the cool, damp earth as I prepare my garden for seeds.
I feel so thankful to have a few days this spring to soak up the sun and the warmth and savor the weather as it turns.
I cry when I pray.
I am a dreamer and a realist.

I understand that this pandemic is going to pass, but I wonder when.
I say (still) that the best days are yet to come.
I dream of too many things to list...they are like prayers written on my heart that I breathe out with every breath.
I try to do my part, to make a difference, to change the world.
I hope my trying works a little.
I am a dreamer and a realist.


  1. I cry when I pray...that is the line that stood out for me. It seems both a constant of who you are and a reflection of what is happening now.

  2. The honesty and rawness in your poem shows. Such a slice of life!