Saturday, March 21, 2020

Slice of Life: Day 21--"A Quiet Saturday Poem"

This month I am participating in the Slice of Life challenge sponsored by the Two Writing Teachers website and blog. Join me!

Today Saturday crept in

On little cat's feet

Awoke for a few hours

And is on it's way back out again.

This first Saturday of Spring Break

Doesn't really feel like any day

It's defined by a calendar

Not by what I did, really.

This Spring Break is much different

It comes with an extra month attached to it

Not of break time, but of isolation

It's quiet this Saturday, and I'd rather it not be.

Normally, quiet Saturdays refresh me

But this one didn't so much

I feel I'm in an endless march of quiet days

One after another, for as long as I can see

I'll be glad when Saturdays are loud again

When Saturdays feel busy

When Saturdays are full

And quiet Saturdays are sweet again.


  1. I appreciate your feelings expressed in your poem. You mood is carried through your poem by your words and phrasing. The world does seem upside down.

  2. Your poem reminds me of "Fog" by Carl Sandburg. I love the line "march of endless quiet days." It does seem endless since there is no end in sight. I don't think I will be complaining about noise ever again.