Sunday, March 22, 2020

Slice of Life: Day 22--"Lunch with a Friend"

This month I am participating in the Slice of Life challenge sponsored by the Two Writing Teachers website and blog. Join me!

My roommate and I are both teachers, so you can imagine the intense amount of screen time we've both been accruing the last few weeks. As life has shifted online, we find that screens are our only way to do so many things. As an extrovert, I hate it. As an introvert, she's handling it better.

Today, though, we sat down and had lunch together. We realized that our 3-5 nights/week "dinners" (albeit cooked separately and different) had reduced to a big zero the past week or so.

It was nice to talk and eat and not worry for a little while. It's taken a toll on both of us in different ways. We made a plan for the next week....a little schedule for Spring Break that included lunch together each day.

I think it will be good us to put our screens away, focus on talking, and relax....away from work, away from the news,  away from life.

There aren't many distractions from life right now, despite the fact that life has basically been reduced to a list of distractions. I find that my lack of interaction with people is really affecting me, much more than I'd anticipated.

But for an hour or so each day, we're doing lunch. And for now, that plan gives me space to breathe.


  1. As an introvert, I too, have been surprised how much the tele-teaching/screen time has impacted me. I'm glad you have a roommate to distance with and I'm glad you have a lunch tradition planned! Craft-wise, I love your last line!

  2. I'm 61, and I've been single my whole life and I am used to being alone. Last week, though, I had to make a rule that I was going to call someone or face time with someone every single day. I really need to hear a human voice. It sounds like you and your roommate have come up with a good plan!